JDatePicker 1.3.4 Release Notes

This release of JDatePicker was mostly focused on migration of the project from SourceForge.net to GitHub hosting services. SourceForge provided many years of service for which I am grateful, however, new paradigms emerge in open source project management and I am glad the project could migrate to git without too much effort.

Central repository legacy syncs was disabled on 6 August 2012 in an effort to clean up and consolidate the various processes whereby artefacts are deployed to the Central Repository. As a consequence the Central repository deployment was never done for version 1.3.3. The project is now once again setup for easily releasing to the Central repository via Sonatype OSS infrastructure.

Because the domain name has been registered for the project and it no longer uses sourceforge hosting service, with this release the groupid changes from net.sourceforge.jdatepicker to org.jdatepicker.

You may include it as a dependency in your project via maven (groupid: org.jdatepicker, artifactid: jdatepicker, version: 1.3.4)


GitHub Migration

The project sources have now been migrated to https://github.com/JDatePicker/JDatePicker.

Mainly because of the need to fix some existing issues and to allow the open source community to suggest improvements, SVN really didn’t stack up against git (with github and pull requests).

The recommended way to log requests for improvement will from now on be from the GitHub issues feature.

The existing tags are in the new git repo, but we still need to make work of binary distribution and maven central repo distribution methods.

Getting JDatePicker via Maven, Files or Source

To include the JDatePicker dependency in your project via maven you need to add the following dependency declaration in your project’s pom:


This will only work up to version 1.3.2. Later releases are not yet in the maven central repo. They can be downloaded from the sourceforge released files (http://sourceforge.net/projects/jdatepicker/files/Releases).

You may also get source versions of the project by checking out the specific tag you are interested in (see http://jdatepicker.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/jdatepicker/tags or http://sourceforge.net/scm/?type=svn&group_id=107962).

About JDatePicker and JDatePanel

JDatePicker and JDatePanel is a date picker control for Java Swing applications.

  • Familiar look and feel: It has a familiar look and feel for most users since the look and feel is based on MS counterpart.
  • MVC design: It is designed with the Model View Controller pattern and it uses the Java Calendar object as the model. In fact, it now also uses sql.Date or util.Date as models. The next release in 1.3.x range will include support for JodaTime as well.
  • Ideal for touch screens: One very useful feature of JDatePicker is that it can be embedded on a Panel and to be resized to occupy a larger area. This might not seem like a feature to everyone but if you have ever developed applications which needs to be displayed on touch screens you will appreciate this feature.
  • Optional year selector: Optional year selector buttons which is useful on touch screens where the rolling year selector is too small.
  • Available in maven: If you are using Maven2 to build your project, you can easily include it as a dependency. Alternatively you may download the JAR and include it on your classpath.
  • JGoodies friendly: The support for bound bean properties have been added, which allows one to use JGoodies Binding effectively with the control.
  • Business friendly: Business friendly licencing.

JDatePicker 1.3.3 Release Notes

The JDatePicker team is happy to announce JDatePicker 1.3.3, the latest release of the 1.3.x series.

JDatePicker is a Java Swing component for selecting dates on swing forms, it has a flexible architecture which allows it to be used in different scenarios.

This release fixes defects of existing functionality relating to i18n strings of the widget. We have also added 26 translations; not all of these have been tested and we will rely on the community to report any errors or problems. The language should be picked up from the application’s Locale, if this does not work correctly for your Locale please discuss it on the mailing list.

In order to fix some of the problems with the translations, the component factory was changed to be stateful. Also a delete icon was added to replace the “clear” action text which was previously used to clear the currently selected value from the component.

Together with this release we move the web site content to the new WordPress based site to allow better communication of releases and to post example code.

Please report any issues on the jdatepicker-user mailing list and also remember to check in mailing list archive for solutions to problems which might have been solved already.

This release is not yet available in maven central repository due to the change in their upload process. You can download the JDatePicker distribution from the SourceForge download page once it has been made available, in the meantime please get it from the tag in subversion.

Thanks to all who contributed to this release!

Latest news 19 April 2010

  • Another period of quiet for the project, however a number of request have come in for features. Most of these have been incorporated into the next version 1.3.0.
  • Date formatting has been added.
  • Implementable DateModel added, supports any Calendar / Date / DateMidnight / OtherDate object.
  • Friendly towards JGoodies binding, model supports bound bean properties.
  • Some examples have also been added to the source available on sourceforge and in svn.